Switch on, Turn on Super Performance!!!

Create a Switched On, Turned On Super Performance Workplace!

A Gallup Poll Reports 7 of 10 Employees are Disengaged! They Bring Toxicity And Too Many Problems While Wasting Resources And Lowering Profitability!

Yesterday Was Already Too Late For You To Engage Us!

What We Do

-   We create employee and management Super Performance.  

- We work with individuals and groups at price points that are affordable for any size business to transform your workplace to a “switched on, turned on super performance” culture of engagement.      

- Our introductory program is a 90 to 180 day program of installing facilitated transformational learning either by Zoom video conferencing or live in-person, on budget for any size group from 30 to 3,000.  

- We work with Fortune companies, community banks, financial institutions, and any organization wanting to grow.  For many, toxicity and maximum turnover are the biggest unnecessary expenses. 

-   We teach you how to keep retention at the highest level to lower the cost of losing key personnel and retraining. 

- We teach you how to create super performers out of millennials; and how to make millennial cultures “rock and roll.”   

- We do customer service and brand identity with your clients that they can all feel a switched on, turned on workplace. We have that result in 90 to 180 days.   

- We have a Master Program that turns on for 12 months which is optional for those who want to extend and make sure they don’t fall back on progress made over 3 to 6 months.

How We Do It

- We conduct a professional online, anonymous employee engagement survey to collect accurate data on current organizational health.   

- We do live in-person and/or Zoom facilitated mentoring and training for groups of 3 to 30,000.   We do it on your schedule, not ours.   

- We do it in ways that you can’t fail, unless you bail.   

- We’re the most exciting, affordable super performance training and development in the world.   

- We get rid of sexual harassment, diversity issues and all issues where people aren’t in harmony because there are culture breakdowns and culture flaws which we identify.   

- We move a competitive toxic workplace to a cooperative, harmonized switched on, turned on super performance culture of engagement. 

- Our slogan says it all: When it comes to the profits we make you – yesterday was already too late for you to engage us.    

Benefits of Using Us:   

· Tax transferred asset 

· Immediate gains in productivity, employee and customer morale 

· Sustainable high performance work cultures and teams 

· Increases in strategic alignment, motivation, and managing execution 

· A switched on, turned on workplace of engagement   

Seeking business and professional workplaces that wish to transform their culture to Super Performance.   

Our job is to help you explore. It costs nothing to explore how to transform your workplace. Can we begin the journey with just an exploration? When can I follow up and meet you?  

Our customers never leave once they believe.

We love our customers, so feel free to schedule a 30-minute introductory session  at  https://superperformance.as.me/ or call

Dr. Zayd Abdul-Karim (Dr. Z) 

Founder, President and CEO 

Super Performance 




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We love our customers, so feel free to schedule an introductory session at https://superperformance.as.me/ or call:

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